Have you already tried to pour Drano down your shower drain without luck?

Most shower drain clogs are caused by hair, either from normal hair loss or shaving in the shower. The clog holds water, which dilutes the Drano and lessens its potency. Never mind that hair is hard to dissolve.
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What should you do next? Now that you’ve used Drano, there are a few things you shouldn’t do, or you risk causing a safety hazard. We’ll also explain how to unclog your shower drain when Drano doesn’t work.

What Not To Do

Do not use any other unclogging chemicals or liquids after using Drano. It is hydrochloric acid, which can have explosive or other dangerous reactions with other drain-cleaning chemicals. You can burst your pipes, or hurt yourself with fumes, by mixing chemicals.

Besides, Drano is one of the strongest caustic drain cleaners available. It may even damage your pipes, so we don’t recommend that you use it. But, if your clog could have been washed away with strong chemicals, the Drano would have done it. You need non-chemical options.

The other problem with using Drano is that now you have a dangerous chemical stuck in your pipes. The clog is likely non-superficial, or deep enough that you can’t access it with your hand. Still, don’t try—you’ll burn yourself on the Drano. You shouldn’t try to access the pipes for the same reason. You could spill the Drano everywhere.

What To Do If Drano Doesn’t Work

If you’ve poured Drano down your shower drain and it hasn’t worked, it’s time to call the plumber. They’ll have the professional equipment that you can’t buy at the store to remove the clog safely.

When you call, let the plumber know that you tried to use Drano. They’ll have to take some safety precautions to protect themselves while they work.

In all likelihood, they’ll send down a scope to see what is causing the blockage. Most of the time, it’s a simple clog of hair. They’ll likely use a drain snake or other suction equipment to bring the clog back up.

An experienced plumber will do this a few times, to be sure that they removed all of the clog and cleaned out the drain so that it will be less likely to clog up in the near future. Then they’ll run the water for a few minutes, making sure that it drains properly without backing up.

If you want to avoid a shower drain clog in the future, you could buy a shower drain screen that prevents hair from entering the drain in the first place. They need to be cleaned, but they are much simpler to deal with than a clogged shower drain.

Plus, if you do get another clog, try to avoid using Drano. It rarely works for shower clogs, because these are usually very thick clogs of hair. Plus, it can damage your pipes and makes your plumbing harder to work on. Calling your plumber right away will ensure your pipes stay in good condition and will get the clog resolved properly.

If you need local help, our drain cleaning team in Fremont is always happy to assist.