Have you ever wanted to change your morning music or flip on the light switch while your hands are still covered in shaving cream? Kohler — the 145-year-old legendary company in bathroom and kitchen fixtures — finally has a solution for this common problem.
Anyone who’s replaced a bathroom fixture or simply watched an episode of House Hunters knows the brand Kohler, and while it might be hard to imagine that a brand started in the 19th century as one the most high-tech product show in Las Vegas, the company grabbed a lot of attention as a CES 2018 Innovation Award Honoree with their Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror.

How did a bathroom mirror beat out the latest startup app or self-driving car? Because it’s not just a gimmick, it’s actually really useful: it’s easy to think of all the time you spend in front of your mirror in the bathroom or kitchen when you don’t have a hand free, or you just need some quick information.

The mirror works seamlessly with Amazon’s Alexa, as well as other major Internet of Things (IoT) software and hardware like Google Home and Apple Home. So you can tell the mirror to turn your lights on or off, or something more specific like “down to 75%” — there are even customizable presets like “makeup mode.”

Users can play music automatically, ask Alexa for the news, or prepare for their commute by requesting a traffic update. And since the software works with most any Internet of Things hardware systems, your mirror can also start your morning coffee or lock your doors before you go to bed.

Verdera comes with the Kohler Konnect app for Apple iOS and Google Android products, allowing you to control other products from Kohler like the temperature of your water in your shower or for the faucet to turn on or off via voice command — pour a specific amount water into your measuring cup if you want to keep the handles germ free while cooking, just say “pour a half cup of water” and you’re good to go.

Pretty cool, right? While Internet of Things technology has a ways to go before it’s common in every home, this talking mirror is certainly a sign of things to come as smart homes become the norm.

Of course, physically installing the mirror can be a bit tricky, and you might want to call a professional. And if you’re near Fremont, we’re just a phone call away.