Help, When I Flush Toilet Water Comes Up the Shower

While we don’t like to think about it, when we flush the toilet, that water has to go somewhere. Usually, it drains properly out the sewer. But, when there is a problem, it can backup into the shower. Sorry—sometimes plumbing is just gross. This problem is unpleasant, but it is also very unsanitary. You do [...]

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What Causes Water Heater High Temperature Shutdowns?

All water heaters have safety mechanisms to shut off if they become too hot. This is an important safety feature that prevents damage to the unit and prevents safety hazards for you and your family. It can be frustrating to deal with high temperature shutdowns, as the safety mechanisms often require you to restart the [...]

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Toilet Keeps Refilling on Its Own? What it Means and What to Do

Is the Toilet Running? When you say that your toilet is refilling, you might mean that it is running. The water in the bowl is constantly refreshing without overflowing the bowl. Most commonly, this is caused by a problem with the mechanism that controls your flushing. The chain may have come off, the floater may [...]

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What Is An Enzyme Based Drain Cleaner?

Occasional yet regular cleaning of your drains is important to not just remove potential build ups that can be forming on the inner pipe walls, but also to help prevent any damage to the drain system over time. Major clogs can be a costly and frustrating issue to deal with. By staying on top of [...]

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The Biggest Sewer Problems in Castro Valley

There is more than 160 miles of sewer laterals in Castro Valley. Unfortunately, a lot can and does go wrong with them. We’ve seen more than our fair share of sewer problems and can tell you which are most common in our area and how you can avoid them. Here’s what you need to know. [...]

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