Shower Drain Smells Like Sulfur?

Have you ever stepped into your shower, awaiting a nice, refreshing shower, only to be struck by an awful smell? Just what makes you shower drain smell like sulfur? Whatever you do, don’t dismiss the smell. It could be the sign of a serious problem, a sewer leak. We’ll discuss what you need to know [...]

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Slab Leak Insurance Coverage: What You Need to Know

A slab leak happens when a leak develops in or near the concrete foundation of your home. If you have one, you may be surprised to learn that slab leak insurance coverage is complex. Not all homeowner’s insurance policies cover all aspects of a slab leak by default. We’ll walk you through what you need [...]

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Is Drain Cleaner an Acid or a Base?

A drain cleaner may be a strong acid or a strong base. These cleaners aren't as straightforward as you think. While many promise complete clog removal or prevention, they are rarely effective and can be dangerous to you and your plumbing. The problem lies in their chemical nature. Drain cleaner pH can be very high [...]

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How to Keep Tree Roots from Growing Into Sewer Lines

As far as a tree is concerned, a sewer line is the jackpot. The sewers carry water and nutrients no matter the time of year. So, trees tend to grow towards them. The problem is that some tree roots are quite strong, while some sewer lines are quite weak. Trees can rip holes in sewer [...]

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Garbage Disposal Sounds like Grinding Metal?

If your garbage disposal sounds like grinding metal, your first thought should be to peek down there with a flashlight. Yes, grinding metal sounds, rattling sounds, or other large noises usually indicate mechanical issues. Sometimes you'll get lucky and it's just a penny stuck in your garbage disposal, but what if you can't see a [...]

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