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Drain Cleaning in Fremont, CA

When your standing ankle-deep in water during a shower, your toilets constantly overflowing, a sink stoppage has rendered your kitchen usable, and your dishwasher is coming to have all the makings of a miniature pool – it might be time for a drain cleaning.

As you can tell, clogged drains can be the source of many of your most common household problems, and are usually caused by a blockage of some sort. Blockages range from residue and sludge build-ups, to large objects and even tree roots.

When things like cooking oil, hair, food, or other items build up inside your drain lines, they eventually turn into stoppages that either completely backup or slow down your home’s draining process. At this point, most homeowners turn to over-the-counter drain cleaners advertised in their local retail stores for a solution, not knowing that they might inadvertently be making heir problem even worse.

one of our plumbers is making an inspection before he starts on a drain cleaning in Fremont, CA
wrench tightening a drain

That’s because over-the-counter drain cleaners are actually bad for your families health and for the health of your home’s pipework. Not only do drain cleaners NOT dissolve everything in your drains, but they are also corrosive to older cast iron and copper pipings, and can actually weaken these types of pipes over time. For those looking for a greener solution, keep searching because they’re also really bad for the environment.

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So, instead of resorting to an ineffective and potentially dangerous chemical solution, why not call Smart Choice Plumbing – with plumbing experts fully equipped to handle even the most challenging of drain issues.

Using the most modern plumbing technology, like live video inspections of your drains using a camera-tipped snake, we’ll allow you to see the clog with your own two eyes. Advanced warning though, what you see may not be pretty.

After we identify your problem, our skilled technicians will work with you, the homeowner, to find the best solution. This usually involves either snaking or hydro-jetting the clog out from a clean out drain installed somewhere on the exterior of your home.

Plumbing Snake Vs. Hydro-Jetting

Plumbing Snake

plumbing snake for clearing drainsSnaking a drain to clear a clog is the traditional method of clearing a clogged drain, and has been used by plumbers for decades. By using an auger – a long, steel cable capped with a coil, minor clogs are easily displaced. Since its a relatively undisruptive process, its best used on older piping and first time clogs.


our team uses the latest technology like hydro-jetting for drain cleaningHydro-Jetting is the industry standard in drain cleaning, and it works by blasting out the clog with a jet of pressurized water from a specialized hose fed into the drain cleanout. This blast effectively flushes out even the worst of clogs – and years of residue build up along the way.

Benefits of a drain cleaning

  • Long term solution
  • Cleans out years of build up
  • No toxic/harmful chemicals necessary
  • Removes any potential stoppages

When you need a drain cleaning in Fremont, Call Smart Choice Plumbing, and we’ll get your drains flowing again in no time!

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