Copper Repiping in Fremont & Beyond

Our home’s piping is one of those things we take for granted until it stops working. If your pipes are worn out, getting a full repiping may seem like a hassle. That’s why you should work with us at Smart Choice Plumbing. We make the repipe process as simple as possible and use copper pipes so that you won’t ever have to do it again. Discover more about copper repiping in Fremont, CA, below.

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Our Approach to Repipes

You may have heard that copper repipes have some risks, namely of smoke and flames. We’re concerned about that too, which is why we invested in a better method of copper piping that doesn’t carry those risks. We use ProPress technology, allowing us to crimp the pipe without a flame. That way, we’re not creating a fire or smoke risk, and we’re not introducing chemicals into your pipes.

You might also be curious about the type of copper pipe we install. Typically, we use L type copper pipe underground, as it is thicker and will last longer. We use M type copper pipe under the crawl space, as this spot doesn’t need as much strength so that we can save you a bit of money.

Why Get Copper Pipes?

There’s a reason that copper has been so popular for so long. It’s a lightweight, strong material that is naturally resistant to corrosion. As it is lightweight, it doesn’t need as much support as other types of pipes. Plus, it is highly flexible, which means we can fit it into unusual places that may be inaccessible for other kinds of pipes.

By far, the biggest draw of copper pipes for homeowners is that they can last more than 50 years. This longevity means that you shouldn’t have to replace them, and the next person who buys your home probably won’t either. They provide you with peace of mind that you won’t have leaks or burst pipes. Plus, they are an asset when it comes time to sell your home, as homebuyers know that they don’t have to worry about copper pipes either. Copper may be a more costly pipe material, but it’s the best choice for repiping, and it can pay dividends down the road.

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How Much Does a Copper Repipe Cost?

The cost of a repipe is based on a lot of different factors. The size of your home, number of fixtures, total combined length of pipe, number of turns around corners, the plumbing appliances you have installed, and the access to your piping system all factor into the overall cost. The best way to get firm pricing for your home repipe is to call our team today and request a no-obligation on site estimate.

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When Do You Need a Repipe?

While we may think of pipes as a permanent part of the house, they aren’t. Eventually, all pipes need to be replaced, in order to prevent leaks, get better water pressure, and sometimes even for safety. How do you know if your home needs repiping?

  • Rust in the water
  • Dropping water pressure
  • Noisy pipes
  • Multiple leaks
  • A burst pipe
  • Water that smells odd
  • Pipe corrosion
  • Dramatic temperature changes in water

You may also consider getting your pipes replaced if they are old. Steel pipes may only last 20 years, and brass may only last 40. Pipes that are near the end of their lifespan may develop multiple leaks or may burst. In this case, just fixing one section of the pipe is a waste of time, as you’ll be repairing another soon. Opting for a whole home repipe with quality copper piping means you’ll be able to put your pipe problems to rest for a long, long time.

Do you need a repipe? Reach out to us for copper repiping in Fremont, CA and surrounding areas.

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