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24 hour emergency & everyday plumbing services in San Lorenzo, CA

If you’re looking for high quality, 24-hour plumbing in San Lorenzo and surrounding areas, look no further than Smart Choice Plumbing. Our team has been providing professional plumbing services since 1998 and we continue to focus on a wide range of plumbing services both large and small.

We are a locally owned and operated business which means your money stays in the community. We provide full estimates before starting any services, along with offering an around-the-clock emergency plumbing service when it’s needed most. We source all of our parts from well known manufacturers so you get the highest quality possible.

Our team is well trained and experienced in working with a variety of different models of equipment so no matter what type of plumbing arrangement you have, we can work on it. In addition, we pride ourselves on offering reliable and affordable services from minor to major to fit within your set budget while still meeting or exceeding your expectations.

one of our plumbers in San Lorenzo is working on a bathroom sink repair

Why Call Smart Choice Plumbing?

When it comes to being able to fix a wide range of plumbing issues, our team is top notch. Our team is trained, licensed, and will respect your property on every call. We won’t leave messes behind, and will provide clean and courteous service when we enter your home.

If you’re looking for accurate quotes, we welcome you to give us a call at any time for a quote on your plumbing issue. Whether you need basic drain cleaning, or more advanced water heater repair, or sewer repair, our team is ready to help.

Our team of experienced and trained professionals can discuss your plumbing issues and needs prior to starting any service. This gives you a realistic and accurate idea of whether or not the maintenance, installation, or repairs will remain within your set budget.

  • Fully licensed & insured
  • Highly experienced technicians
  • 24/7 emergency service available
Mike is in the middle of repairing a water heater

Plumbing Services We Offer in San Lorenzo, CA

At Smart Choice Plumbing, we can provide a full range of plumbing services both minor and major for the San Lorenzo area. We can provide basic interior services such as fixture replacement and installation, or more major exterior services such as trenchless sewer repair and slab leak repairs.

Regardless of your plumbing needs, our team is trained and experienced in a full range of plumbing repairs, installations, and services. Just some of the services we can offer include:

  • General plumbing repair services
  • Full range of drain cleaning services
  • Sewer jetting
  • Clogged drain repair and replacement
  • Maintenance and replacement of garbage disposals
  • Gas and electric water heaters
  • Tankless water heater installation and repair
  • Detection of natural gas leaks
  • Sewer repairs in traditional and trenchless style
  • Interior sewer line inspection via camera
  • Kitchen fixture, sink, and faucet installation
  • Bathroom fixture installation
  • Pipe repair, leak repair, and water leak detection
  • Toilet, shower, and sink installation
  • Major and minor repiping services
  • Slab leak maintenance and repairs

Regardless of the plumbing issues you may be having, or the maintenance and repairs you may need, our team is standing by to help you. Give us a call at any time and we can discuss your needs and offer a realistic quote on services we can offer.

kitchen drain cleaning done right

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