Leak Detection in Castro Valley

Covering slab leaks, fixture leaks, sewer leaks, gas leaks & more

Received an unusually high water bill? Found water damage that doesn’t seem to have a source? You might have a leak in your plumbing, sewer, or gas line.

The good news is that Castro Valley’s leak detection experts at Smart Choice Plumbing are just a call away. We can find and resolve many household leak problems to get your home back to normal.

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Types of Leak Detection

Each type of leak detection takes special equipment and expertise. You rarely know which kind you have, so it’s best to consult with a plumber who can detect them all.

  • Slab leak detection: Using specialized equipment, plumbers look for leaks beneath concrete slabs. This will reveal any leaks in the pipes in your foundation. These leaks can crack on unsettle your foundation—which requires costly repairs.
  • Sewer leak detection: You might think a leak in your sewer drain line or mainline would be evident by the smell. However, shower water and hand washing water runs through those pipes too, and they rarely leave a smell, just water damage.
  • Plumbing leak detection: When you suspect a leak in your home, you’re probably imagining a plumbing leak. While sometimes the leaks are obvious and right near the sink, other times plumbers need to use dye tests to find the exact source of the leak. This may take minutes or hours, but finding the exact leak is critical to ensure it will be fixed the first time. Otherwise, you’ll waste money and time getting a second repair job.

Gas Leak Detection

Gas leaks are no laughing matter. You probably already realize that natural gas is extremely flammable, but it’s easy to overlook another big risk of gas leaks.

Natural gas is lighter than air, which means a gas leak will flow upwards and displace oxygen in your home. If there is no way for the gas to escape, that can cause asphyxiation.

rigid combustible gas detector used for natural gas leak detection

Signs of Gas Leaks

Higher than normal gas bills are a good sign that you’re facing a gas leak, but it’s not the only sign. If you smell rotten eggs or hear a whistling sign near a gas line, you probably have a leak. Prolonged exposure to natural gas can also cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and other physical symptoms.

Can You Smell Your Gas Leak?

Sulfur is added to natural gas to make it easier to notice gas leaks, but sometimes that’s not enough. A small gas leak can be hard to smell, or if mixed with other smells in your home it may be completely undetectable. A gas line leak in a crawlspace, basement, or a place that isn’t accessed often is dangerously easy to overlook as the gas builds up.

Diagnosing a Gas Leak

The easiest way to tell for sure if you have a gas leak is to call a professional who has the right equipment for the job. Our team offers gas leak detection in Castro Valley and surrounding cities, as well as gas line repair services.

Why Call a Plumber for Your Leak Detection Needs?

You may be tempted to try to find your leak yourself, or have a general contractor do the job, to try to save money. However, that may end up costing you more in the long term. The real source of a leak isn’t always obvious. Or, you may have multiple leaks. If you rely on someone who doesn’t have the equipment and expertise to get to the heart of your leak, you risk letting it damage your home, foundation, plumbing system, and even endanger your life. Remember, gas line leaks may be emergencies and should always be treated as such. They absolutely require professionals.

Hiring a professional plumber doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, in fact, hiring professionals the first time can end up saving you money in the long run. For professional plumbing and other leak detection in Castro Valley, reach out to us at Smart Choice Plumbing.

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