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You don’t think about your gas line until you have to. But once you know there is damage or a leak to be repaired, the need is immediate. That’s why you need a service provider who is available 24/7 to help repair and replace broken gas lines.

Our Castro Valley gas line repair team moves fast and works hard to keep your home safe and get your natural gas line system back in working condition in record time. Call us any time to get started with your gas line repair needs, or read on to learn why we should be your go-to natural gas line specialists.

Natural Gas Line Services We Offer

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The Importance of Gas Line Repair and Maintenance

Regular checks in your gas line are important. You can prevent a leak or major repair with a few simple steps and regular maintenance.

Even a small gas leak can become an expensive, or dangerous, issue in the future. When you call us for gas leak testing, we’ll thoroughly check every inch and element of your natural gas system. If any sign of gas leakage is detected, we’ll immediately inform you, shut off the gas to your home, and start work on permanently repairing the source of the gas leak.

Natural Gas Leak Detection and Your Next Step

If you smell sulfur or rotten eggs in your home, you may have a gas leak. The smell isn’t a natural component of gas, which has no scent at all, but because leaks can be dangerous, this added layer of protection has been provided.

A gas leak happens when pressure builds up inside your natural gas line. This can cause a tear in the gas line itself. It may also occur due to outside damage, such as a scratch.

If you notice this smell, contact the professionals at Smart Choice Plumbing right away to start with leak detection. Our professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assess the situation and repair your gas lines quickly.

Gas Leak Safety Tips

  • Evacuate. We recommend that you go outside so you’re not breathing in hazardous fumes.
  • Do not use any electronics. Even the smallest spark can set off an explosion, so keep the lights off, don’t use the phone while you’re inside the house, and don’t touch any electronics or appliances.
  • Leave the door open. Letting the gas vent outside is much safer than letting it build up.
  • Call the experts. Dealing with a gas leak can be dangerous, so call an expert for help as soon as you are safe.

Learn more about our leak detection services or call today for immediate help.

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Our Process To Repair and Replace Your Natural Gas Line

Smart Choice Plumbing will go above and beyond with your repair. We will visit your home, talk with you about options, and get to work to ensure that you home and family are safe.

We will repair the leak or install your new gas lines and test the system to ensure everything is working properly.

We Can Extend your Gas Line

Did you just get a new gas barbecue?

Cooking on a gas grill gives you better control and convenience versus charcoal grills, and it only takes a fraction of the price to run. If you use your gas grill frequently, a natural gas line connection will save you from the added hassle of swapping out propane tanks, so you can spend more time grilling and enjoying the sunshine.

Smart Choice Plumbing can extend your natural gas line to new external or internal connections, so you can hook up that new gas grill, gas cooking range, or dryer.

Our team offers gas line extensions in Castro Valley and throughout the area, from Sunol to Palo Alto, so give us a call today for your free bid.

Gas line connection hoses used to hook up a new gas grill

Reliable Gas Leak Repair in Castro Valley & Beyond

Our gas line repair, leak detection, and gas line installation team services the greater East Bay, including Newark, Milpitas, Union City, and more

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