Video Sewer Line Inspection in Fremont

There’s an easier way to find the source of a sewer clog than digging up your yard or tearing down the drywall. A sewer video inspection can reveal the source of your plumbing problems, and exactly where that source is so that your plumber can fix the problem with minimal damage to your lawn.

a video sewer line inspection in Fremont, CA

How Do Sewer Video Inspections Work?

Before we used video cameras to locate leaks, plumbers would often have to tear up backyards. We also may have use colored dyes to try to discover which fixture (sink, toilet, or shower) is connected to the leaking pipe. But, these were slow and imprecise methods.

Sewer video inspections are simpler and more accurate. A sewer video line is just a small camera mounted onto the end of a long line. The line is flexible but also self-correcting and rigid enough to be passed down the pipe.

A plumber can turn the line around corners in the pipes and extend the line as far as it needs to go. Of course, the video line has a light so you can see the condition of the pipes. It also auto-focuses.

When the plumber finds a clog, they leave the video line in place for a moment. They then use a locator device on the outside of the pipe that will indicate exactly where the line is. They mark the line, and can then access the pipe at the exact right spot.

You can buy a video line to inspect your own pipes, but the versions sold to homeowners are usually short and have poor video quality. They may help you find clogs close to fixtures but aren’t going to give you a thorough picture of your pipe’s condition or help you find clogs that are further away. They also don’t come with indicator devices.

I finally found a plumbing company that I can trust will do the job. Keith first came out and inspected my sewer problem and promptly typed up an estimate.  Since my problem was a bit urgent, he quickly freed up his schedule to accommodate me.  His explained exactly what he needed to do and finished the work in one day.  It was a big job!  I’m thrilled that I finally have a plumbing service that I can trust.  I’m going to keep Smart Choice Plumbing in my contacts and share with my neighbors. Prices are good too!

Kim G., Los Gatos, CA

The Benefits of Sewer Line Camera Services

A sewer line video inspection company can use their specialized video equipment to help you find clogs. But that’s not all:

  • Scoping sewer lines can reveal their type and condition, to discover if they should be replaced
  • Discover sewer capacity, which is useful if you’re adding a bathroom or expanding your home
  • Drain camera inspection can reveal what a clog is composed of, for more successful removal
  • Discover if the blockage is in your home pipes or in the city’s pipes
  • Mark out where sewer lines are located so you can avoid them during renovations
  • Scoping sewer lines can also help reveal where a leak may be located
sewer line inspection using Ridgid tools

Sewer Line Camera Inspection Cost

A sewer video inspection costs $275 from Smart Choice Plumbing if clean out is available. The time it takes to conduct this inspection can vary depending on your home and how quickly we can locate your clog if that is your aim. If you have questions about your sewer video inspection, please feel free to reach out to us.

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