Pipes and Leaks

The majority of your home’s plumbing system is out of sight, and usually out of mind. But when your pipes begin to leak, clog, or break down, it can be extremely helpful to know the signs long before they turn into disasters.

If you need more help maintaining your home’s pipes, our team offers leak detection, pipe repair, and even whole home plumbing repipes in Castro Valley, and throughout the greater East Bay.

Why is My Kitchen Sink Leaking Underneath?

A leaking kitchen sink can be a frustrating and potentially damaging issue if left unattended. The causes of such leaks can vary, and understanding them is crucial for effective troubleshooting and repair. This comprehensive guide will delve into some common reasons why your kitchen sink may be leaking underneath, offering insights into potential solutions. Faulty [...]

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Dripping Sound in Wall After Flushing Toilet: What it Means and What To Do

Hearing an unexpected dripping sound in your wall is both terrifying and frustrating. When this happens after flushing a toilet, you may frantically start searching for the cause of the sound. A pipe could have broken, there may be an issue with a joint, or there may be another cause for the sound. Once you [...]

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What are the Primary Advantages of Pex Piping

Having clean and safe water is very important for any new or existing home. Efficient water pressure is also important for showering, laundry, and most other water flow from faucets. In order to ensure your home has clean water and decent water pressure, your water will be delivered by an underground pipe. These pipes are [...]

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Is Repiping a Good Investment for Older Homes?

When you own an older home, there are many things you may need to upgrade and fix. You may know you need to fix the pipes, but where should that be on your priority list? Is repiping a good investment for older homes, especially if you are considering selling soon? Are Repipes Worthwhile? It depends [...]

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How Long Do Home Gas Lines Last?

We don’t normally think about our home’s gas line. Afterall, most reliably deliver gas to our homes decade after decade without issue. However, gas lines do not last forever. They should last at least 30 years, and many last much longer than that. However, they can break down. And, when they do, they can cause [...]

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