Drains are a vital part of any plumbing system, but it’s easy to forget that until they start acting up.

Learn how to tell your drains apart, how to take better care of them, and how to spot the first signs of trouble before they become disasters.

If you ever need help with drain services in Castro Valley, our team offers drain inspection, repair, cleaning, and more.

How to Fix a Gurgling Kitchen Sink

Fixing a gurgling kitchen sink can be a common and often annoying issue for homeowners. The gurgling sound is typically caused by air trapped in the drain, and addressing it promptly is essential to prevent more serious plumbing problems. Let’s explore various steps you can take to troubleshoot and fix a gurgling kitchen sink. Identify [...]

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Can Paint Clog a Drain?

Certainly, the notion of paint clogging a drain is not uncommon and it can pose various challenges to plumbing systems. While paint is primarily intended for application on surfaces, improper disposal and negligence can lead to its unintended entry into drains. Let’s explore the reasons why paint can clog drains, the types of paint that [...]

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Help, When I Flush Toilet Water Comes Up the Shower

While we don’t like to think about it, when we flush the toilet, that water has to go somewhere. Usually, it drains properly out the sewer. But, when there is a problem, it can backup into the shower. Sorry—sometimes plumbing is just gross. This problem is unpleasant, but it is also very unsanitary. You do [...]

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What Is An Enzyme Based Drain Cleaner?

Occasional yet regular cleaning of your drains is important to not just remove potential build ups that can be forming on the inner pipe walls, but also to help prevent any damage to the drain system over time. Major clogs can be a costly and frustrating issue to deal with. By staying on top of [...]

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