Water Heaters

It’s easy to forget just how much you rely on your water heater until it starts acting up. Follow our guides to learn how to choose the right water heater, how to extend the life of your water heater, and the causes of some common broken water heater issues.

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What Causes Water Heater High Temperature Shutdowns?

All water heaters have safety mechanisms to shut off if they become too hot. This is an important safety feature that prevents damage to the unit and prevents safety hazards for you and your family. It can be frustrating to deal with high temperature shutdowns, as the safety mechanisms often require you to restart the [...]

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Why Does My Electric Water Heater Keep Turning Off?

Being an on-demand appliance, your water heater will commonly turn on and off throughout the day and night. This is to ensure there is always a certain amount of hot water available at a moment’s notice. However, there may be times when an electric water heater turns off more than it should. Or turns off [...]

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Which are Better: Gas or Electric Water Heaters

For those who are fans of hot showers, choosing a new water heater might actually be exciting. Whether you see the decision as fun or just a boring household task, the primary decision you have on your hands is a complicated one. Should you choose a gas or an electric water heater? That all depends [...]

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Why Does My Water Heater Smell Like Burning Plastic?

Burning plastic is not a pleasant smell. If you have it in your home and you’ve narrowed it down to the water heater, you may wonder why your water heater is putting off this smell. Burning smells are not something you should ignore, even though it’s not likely your water heater is on fire. It’s [...]

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5 Signs Your Hot water Heater is Going Out

Your water heater helps to make everything in your home comfortable. It gives you nice, hot showers, it helps to cook and wash your clothes and dishes. We count on our water heaters a lot. But sometimes you need to have your water heater replaced. it’s best to know the signs so that you can [...]

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