Plumbers are baffled that homeowners still buy chemical drain cleaners. They don’t work, can make a clog worse or damage your pipes, and are very dangerous to have around the house.

why liquid drain cleaners suck - infographic

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Chemical Drain Cleaners Don’t Work

  • Drain cleaners need to be applied directly to the clog to work & you usually can’t reach clogs
  • They will eat away at the debris on the side of your pipes before the clog, making the clog worse
  • Not all plumbing issues are caused by clogs, and chemical drain cleaners can be dangerous if you have a leak

Damage from Liquid Drain Cleaners

  • Drain cleaners corrode pipes and pipe sealant, weakening them and potentially causing leaks, eventually leading to needing a repipe.
  • They corrode other nearby fixtures, like tiles and sinks, which may discolor or damage them
  • Alkaline drain cleaners create heat, which can warp metal and PVC pipes and harm sealant

Drain Cleaner Safety Hazards

  • Drain cleaners may create dangerous vapors if it is mixed with other chemicals
  • Drain cleaners may explode when exposed to cleaning products, or even water
  • Drain cleaners may kill the beneficial, necessary bacteria in your septic system

Exposure to Chemical Drain Cleaners

  • If swallowed, all kinds of drain cleaners can be deadly, especially to children and infants
  • Drain cleaners can burn skin, lungs and eyes, even causing permanent injury & blindness
  • If you spill chemical drain cleaner on your clothing, carpet, or furniture, it can discolor or destroy the fabric

Bad for the Environment

  • Can poison beneficial bacteria if it ends up in landfills, your soil, or local rivers
  • Can poison fish and lead to bio-accumulation of harsh chemicals in the ecosystem
  • Any packaging used for drain cleaners is non-recyclable and ends up in landfills

By: Smart Choice Plumbing – SmartChoice.Plumbing