We’ve received calls from frantic homeowners who feel that their toilet is overflowing for no reason. They didn’t put anything in it, sometimes they didn’t even flush it, but’s pouring water onto their bathroom floor anyway. Sometimes it really seems like a toilet is overflowing for no reason. Let us explain what’s probably going on and how your plumber can fix it—for good this time.

Toilet that Overflows Without Being Flushed

In rare cases, toilets can overflow without being flushed. Extreme pressure on the system from the sewer can create this problem. So can back-up from a water source that is higher than the toilet, like a washing machine drain.

The most common answer is that the toilet was actually flushed. Sometimes children flush the toilet but are unwilling to admit it because they don’t want to be blamed for the overflow. We’ve even seen clever pets that flush the toilet!

If you don’t have kids or pets, and your plumber has exhausted the possibility that your toilet overflowed from nearby back-up or pressure, maybe the water wasn’t from the toilet at all. Your plumber can check your nearby fixtures and look for signs of a leak in your bathroom walls.

Toilet Overflows but Isn’t Clogged

Homeowners who use a plumbing snake may feel that they’ve cleaned out their toilet’s clog. So, why is it still overflowing? Unfortunately, the toilet is still clogged, you have just pushed the clog farther back then you can see or reach with the plumbing snake. Incorrectly using a snake often leads to this problem. We have stronger, longer equipment that can resolve your clog for good and stop your overflowing problem.

If your toilet has only a partial clog, it may drain so slowly that is creates an overflow. It will eventually drain completely, which makes for a confusing sight for a homeowner who walks in. The floor is wet, but the toilet drained. Trust us, the toilet is partially clogged and needs some professional repair.

Toilet that Keeps Clogging

Have your poured chemicals down your toilet? It’s a common solution offered online, but it typically does more harm than good. If your toilet keeps clogging, and the only things you’re pouring down it are chemicals or hot water, those substances are creating a bigger problem.

  • Hot water: If hot water temporarily fixes clogs, it’s likely a fat or grease clog. The water melts enough fat or grease to let water through temporarily. Bu then, the fat or grease solidifies and creates an even deeper clog than before.
  • Chemical clogs: Chemicals may temporarily relieve clogs by moving them, but then they make them worse by adding more debris from the pipe to the clog. They can also damage pipes. In short, don’t try to resolve a toilet clog with chemicals.

Most homeowners don’t have the equipment or knowledge to determine whether their toilet is clogged or not, or why it’s overflowing. A professional plumber can save you all of the time and worry by quickly figuring out your problem, and showing you how to prevent your toilet from overflowing again.  Smart Choice Plumbing  technicians are always prepared to perform sewer repairs in Fremont and other drain clearing services across the Bay Area.