When you own an older home, there are many things you may need to upgrade and fix. You may know you need to fix the pipes, but where should that be on your priority list? Is repiping a good investment for older homes, especially if you are considering selling soon?

Are Repipes Worthwhile?

It depends on what issues your home is currently facing. In some older homes, the pipes were well-installed and made of quality materials. They may be old, but they don’t cause issues, and they continue to manage your home’s water perfectly. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

That said, older pipes can cause a variety of problems that can make your home a nuisance to live in, and potentially even unsafe. In this case, a repipe is a very worthwhile option. Here are some signs that repipes may be valuable for you:

  • Water safety issues: Pipes that are leaching lead into your water, or other unsafe substances, should be replaced immediately. Plumbers can test your water if you’re not sure if you have a safety issue.
  • Water taste and color issues: While not safety issues, water that smells and tastes bad will affect your quality of life. You may also find water tinted with minerals that add color to be off-putting and worthy of a repipe.
  • Water pressure: Sometimes, poor water pressure is the result of your pipes. You can often get better water pressure from faucets and showers with a repipe.
  • Safety: Sometimes older pipes develop safety issues, including high water pressure, leaks near electrical systems, and more. In this case, you should get a repipe.
  • Constant leaks: Constant leaks are a hassle and could be a sign that your pipes are so old they are giving out. It is more expensive to keep repairing every little section of pipe than to just get all of the pipes replaced at once.

Do Repipes Increase Home Value?

When you know you’ll be selling your home soon, you naturally consider which renovations and upgrades can boost your home’s value the most or make it more appealing to buyers. For sure, when buyers walk in the door, their first question is not about the quality of the pipes. But that doesn’t mean they don’t matter.

Quality pipes are one of those things that home buyers expect their home will have, like a functioning roof and stairs to the second floor. Not having quality pipes can significantly lower your home’s value and prevent buyers from making an offer. No one wants to purchase a home and then have to fix major plumbing problems. Plus, unaddressed plumbing problems make buyers wonder what else is wrong with the home.

It’s not that fancier, better pipes will make your home more valuable, but that poorly functioning pipes will undermine its value. So, don’t replace pipes that are working, but do invest in a repipe if your older home truly needs it.

Does Your Home Need the Repipe?

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