There is a certain satisfaction when you stuff your leftovers down the garbage disposal to hear the mechanical jaws whirr the organic material into nothingness. But the opposite is true when you flip the switch and hear nothing but a gentle hum. What’s happening and what do you do next? Fixing a garbage disposal that is only humming could be simple or it could be quite difficult, so it’s important to follow the right steps.

How to Fix a Garbage Disposal that Just Hums

  • Try to determine the reason for the hum. There is one most important thing to know about a humming garbage disposal. If it’s humming, it’s getting power. So you can rule out any issues with the electrical hook-up. So the next step is to see what is causing it to have power but not run. The most likely cause is a jam.
  • Unplug the disposal. Before you reach into your sink or use any tools to figure out the issue, turn the power off to the disposal. Remember, humming means power and that means it could decide to kick on at any moment. You don’t want that moment to become a scene from a horror movie.
  • Locate and remove a jam carefully. Once your disposal is safely disconnected from power, locate and remove the jam. It could be something simple that you can reach from the sink itself. In other cases, you may have to remove the disposal and deconstruct it a more to find the cause. If there is no jam, that’s another choose your own adventure in the making.
  • Press the reset button. If a jam is not the cause of the problem, you can try a simple fix by plugging it back in and hitting the reset button. Most of these devices have a red reset button designed to cancel out any potential mechanical issues and start fresh. At this point, it’s worth a try. Think of it like your computer when you turn it off and back on again to fix an issue.
  • Call in the professionals. If all else fails, you don’t have to go it alone. Call in the professionals to take a look at your disposal to determine if it needs repair or complete replacement. When in doubt, always contact the professionals. Garbage disposals are little tiny ninjas in your sink and can be really dangerous if you try to tackle a more advanced problem yourself. Don’t be afraid to escalate the issue.

Need More Help with your Humming Garbage Disposal?

Call the team at Smart Choice Plumbing to determine and fix the problem. We offer fast and affordable garbage disposal in Fremont and beyond, whether your garbage disposal sounds like grinding metal, a humming sound, or nothing at all.