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How do you pick a good plumber? Is buying a house with PEX plumbing a good idea? Our plumbers are happy to help you better understand your plumbing and the plumbing industry, so you can always make a smart decision.

Why is My Toilet Overflowing for No Reason?

We’ve received calls from frantic homeowners who feel that their toilet is overflowing for no reason. They didn’t put anything in it, sometimes they didn’t even flush it, but’s pouring water onto their bathroom floor anyway. Sometimes it really seems like a toilet is overflowing for no reason. Let us explain what’s probably going on [...]

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Shower Drain Makes Noises When I Flush the Toilet

So you’ve just finished your business, and hit the lever to flush the toilet. Then from behind you, comes a strange noise. Gurgle…bloop…barble… And now you’ve got weird sound coming from your shower drain. Fantastic. Now you’ve got plumbing issues, which is the last thing you needed added onto your ever-growing list of things to [...]

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What Causes Black Streaks In Your Toilet Bowl

It’s an inevitable issue that nearly every comes across at one point or another. You’re about to use the bathroom, when you notice something disgusting. There’s a weird black ring inside of your toilet, and it’s looking pretty gross and gnarly. Generally, it’s an easy enough fix with some toilet cleaner and a brush. But [...]

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Hard Water Solutions: What Are Your Options

Does your town have hard water? Likely it does, as more than 85 percent of Americans homes have hard water. Not to worry, there are hard water solutions that can make your water more comfortable to drink, shower in, and use in general. But, they’re not all equal. While getting a water filter might fix [...]

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“How Much Does a Toilet Weigh?” & Other Weird Plumbing Questions

There are a lot of weird plumbing questions floating around on the internet. Perhaps we develop these questions because we have nothing better to do but think and wonder when we’re showering or getting ready for our day in the bathroom. However you stumbled upon your weird plumbing question, we’re not about to stand in [...]

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How to Unclog a Shower Drain When Drano Doesn’t Work

Have you already tried to pour Drano down your shower drain without luck? Most shower drain clogs are caused by hair, either from normal hair loss or shaving in the shower. The clog holds water, which dilutes the Drano and lessens its potency. Never mind that hair is hard to dissolve. RMS Sports: The best [...]

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