What are the Primary Advantages of Pex Piping

Having clean and safe water is very important for any new or existing home. Efficient water pressure is also important for showering, laundry, and most other water flow from faucets. In order to ensure your home has clean water and decent water pressure, your water will be delivered by an underground pipe. These pipes are [...]

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Can Potato and Carrot Peels Go in a Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposals can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen. They are great at breaking up small amounts of organic matter and sending it safely through your plumbing system for disposal. However, it’s not uncommon for some items to be placed in a garbage disposal that shouldn’t be. While this handy tool can take care [...]

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Is a Clogged Drain an Emergency?

Having a clogged drain in your kitchen sink or bathroom shower can be a very frustrating thing to deal with. But not every clog is an emergency. They can absolutely lead to emergencies, but it’s always best to assess the situation before you panic. In most cases, minor drain clogs can be fixed on your [...]

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Why Does My Electric Water Heater Keep Turning Off?

Being an on-demand appliance, your water heater will commonly turn on and off throughout the day and night. This is to ensure there is always a certain amount of hot water available at a moment’s notice. However, there may be times when an electric water heater turns off more than it should. Or turns off [...]

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Why Can’t I Flush Baby Wipes Down the Toilet?

Flushing waste down the toilet can be an easy way to eliminate small, biodegradable items in our homes. And recently, we’ve had a surge in companies claiming that their baby wipes are flushable. But, are they? The answer is no. Despite what these manufacturers advertise, flushable baby wipes are a primary cause of sewer line [...]

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