The Five Most Common Plumbing Problems in Castro Valley, CA

Plumbing shouldn’t be a daily hassle for you. Some plumbing issues are so common you think that they’re normal, when they really aren’t. Plumbers can permanently fix the problems that you think are just a quirk of your home or your old plumbing system. That includes the most common plumbing issues in Castro Valley, CA. [...]

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Garbage Disposal Sounds Weak: What It Means and What To Do

Having a garbage disposal in your kitchen is a handy addition to your sink. It helps clean up organic matter while also working to prevent clogs in your sink drains. However, from time to time you may notice your garbage disposal seeming weak or making strange noises. This can be due to a variety of [...]

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Dripping Sound in Wall After Flushing Toilet: What it Means and What To Do

Hearing an unexpected dripping sound in your wall is both terrifying and frustrating. When this happens after flushing a toilet, you may frantically start searching for the cause of the sound. A pipe could have broken, there may be an issue with a joint, or there may be another cause for the sound. Once you [...]

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What are the Primary Advantages of Pex Piping

Having clean and safe water is very important for any new or existing home. Efficient water pressure is also important for showering, laundry, and most other water flow from faucets. In order to ensure your home has clean water and decent water pressure, your water will be delivered by an underground pipe. These pipes are [...]

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Can Potato and Carrot Peels Go in a Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposals can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen. They are great at breaking up small amounts of organic matter and sending it safely through your plumbing system for disposal. However, it’s not uncommon for some items to be placed in a garbage disposal that shouldn’t be. While this handy tool can take care [...]

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