What is a Sewer Lateral and Why Does It Matter?

If your home is situated in a city or urban area, chances are good you may have heard the term “sewer lateral” a time or two. This may have come up during the purchasing process of your home, or could have been something you had to deal with as far as maintenance or inspections go. [...]

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4 Ways to Hide a Sewer Line Cleanout in Your Yard

Your sewer line cleanout is a highly useful feature of your plumbing system. Not every home has one, but those that do benefit from it. The cleanout allows your plumber access to the sewer line if you have a sewer clog. That way, the plumber can work right from the access point instead of trying [...]

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5 Signs of Poor Water Quality at Home

Water is an essential component of the human body and plays a vital role in forming structures of organs, tissues, and cells. It maintains your body’s homeostatic functions, lubricates joints, carries oxygen and nutrients to cells, dissolves minerals, and flushes out waste products. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the human body contains [...]

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Is a Running Toilet an Emergency?

When you’re not a plumber, it can be hard to know if your plumbing problem merits an afterhours emergency call to the professionals. A running toilet might be one such point of confusion for you. Thankfully, a running toilet is not an emergency. Even if the toilet that is running is clogged, and so water [...]

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Does Hydro Jetting Your Sewer Line Get Rid of Tree Roots?

Hydro jetting is when plumbers used specialized equipment to push very high-pressure water down pipes. Usually, the intention is to clear blockages in the pipes, especially major ones like sewers and water mains, but those aren’t the only uses. Does hydro jetting your sewer line also get rid of tree roots? Yes, sewer jetting can [...]

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Is Repiping a Good Investment for Older Homes?

When you own an older home, there are many things you may need to upgrade and fix. You may know you need to fix the pipes, but where should that be on your priority list? Is repiping a good investment for older homes, especially if you are considering selling soon? Are Repipes Worthwhile? It depends [...]

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